The sea, and especially the Mediterranean, has been part of the essence of l'Escala since its origins. It is culture and history; a means of work and recreation for man and the habitat of thousands of species of animals and plants that make up its very special landscape. The values must coexist for the present and for future generations. This exhibition is the result of the initiative of the Alive Foundation and Club Nàutic l'Escala, creators of MedFoto, the first Mediterranean Photography Competition, and shows a selection of the 43 finalist entries from the competition. 43 ways of seeing and understanding the relationship between the sea and people, with sustainability as the key to its future. Visit the photographic exhibition: The Sea and People and discover the 43 finalist images of the second edition of MedFoto, the first International Mediterranean Photography Competition! An exposition of the 43 best images where reflects their authors' interpretations of the relationship between people and the sea.

Exhibition from 5th of August to 4th of September


OPENING HOURS: from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Show Time 5 Aug 2022 - 10:00
Location L'Escala



El Pot Petit arrives at Portalblau with the tour Vull cantar i Vull ballar, quite a declaration of intentions, a very festive show that will combine music and puppets with the best songs from their albums. The Fórum de la ciutat romana d’Empúries will be the chosen setting where young and old alike will have a great time. With more than 15,000 copies sold, 600 concerts, millions of views on their Youtube channel and numerous followers on social networks, Pot Petit is one of the reference groups in the field of music for family audiences. All their recordings have been very well received and their songs have become part of the everyday life of many families.

SYNOPSIS: Pau and Jana are alone outside the Pot and without their friends around they don't know what to do! Singing and dancing they will find each other again. Who will be the first to make them move non-stop? The monkey? The Rodamons pirates? The Drac Rac? Whoever it is, they will make them sing and dance like never before! 

Boys and girls from 0 to 3 years old have free access as long as they DO NOT occupy a seat.

Show Time 14 Aug 2022 - 20:00
Venue Fòrum Romà d'Empúries-MAC
Location L'Escala



Ara Malikian is a Spanish violinist of Lebanese origin and Armenian descent. His talent was soon recognised, despite the circumstances he had to live through in the Lebanese civil war. Tour 15, one of the biggest tours in recent years, was a success with audiences and critics with more than 175,000 spectators and more than 150 concerts. After his last tour Petit Garage, a transformation of his previous tour Royal Garage into a piano and violin show, with which he toured the world, he now returns with The Ara Malikian World Tour. Malikian defines his new tour as "the result of watching my son grow up, of my growth alongside him, of all those sounds and melodies that try to give shape to what I have heard and been inspired by him and of life through him. An encounter with the child I could not be and would have dreamed of being. It is a tribute to those beings who are as free as a free bird". The artist returns to the Portalblau Festival, and this time he will perform on the stage of the Fòrum Romà d'Empúries, with a new show after touring the world.

Show Time 15 Aug 2022 - 22:00
Venue Fòrum Romà d'Empúries-MAC
Location L'Escala